A fintech app tailored for the Automotive Industry

VEAMS Automotive Lending Platform


A complete end-to-end financial platform designed specifically for the unique challenges in financing the Automotive industry.

As a part of our suite of automotive products, VEAMS is designed to provide an end-to-end offering for lenders, fleet managers, and financiers, while integrating seamlessly into our advanced ePremium finance platform.

Designed to provide a complete offering to lenders and financiers that wish to offer fleet management as part of their offering, VEAMS takes care of all the ongoing management of leased vehicles and automates many of the manual and time consuming administrative processes in your day-to-day workflow.

The VEAMS platform provides the tracking and management of vehicles with a number of key features, including maintenance, licensing, insurance and fine enforcement - just to name a few.

Performance workflows to power your organisation

Built on our rock-solid ePremium architecture, VEAMS integrates the stability and performance of our 4D relational database core with a smooth and intuitive user experience. Our detailed documentation and audit trail features will help streamline:

  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Loan applications and management
  • Operating Leases
  • Managing Credit Facilities
  • Online vehicle retailing and loan origination
  • Dealership floor plans and stocking
  • Automated credit checks and registration
  • Customer interactions, engagement and inquiries

Packed with factory extras


With a performance-orientated user interface, VEAMS has been designed from the ground-up to provide a set of easy-to-use tools. Support multiple locations, customise the depth and detail of information on display vehicles, load photos into image carousels, and generate elegant and customisable brochures directly from the application.


VEAMS disrupts the traditional workflow of arranging finance by automating many of the complex information and credit verification process. Document generation, customer financial history checks and paper-free digital signature authentication are just some of the industry-leading technologies that come baked-in to our system.

Powered by ePremium

e-Premium is our state of the art lending solution - Powerful, automated, compliant.

Used by financiers, lenders, and financial institutions (funders) to acquire and manage both commercial and consumer loans across a diverse range of asset classes and portfolios, ePremium handles the entire process - origination, assessment, aquisition and compliance.

Specifically, e-Premium provides low-cost end-to-end fintech payment processing facility which disrupts the complexity of financial management by automating end-to-end loan acquisition, processing, and document management, while strictly complying with the required legislation for the industry.

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