Have a great idea and looking for a partner?

Startup Funding

Fundraising for technology start-ups can be a long and daunting process, especially when the bulk of the capital has been applied to the development of the application.

The issue is finding the right development partner—one that invests in your vision and dream, and doesn’t just empty your bank account!

We have been here before talk to us about creative ways to make this possible.

Development Partners

Want to Grow Your Business?

  • Quickly build and deploy solutions
  • Accelerate your sales
  • Get ahead of your competition

We can help you do that.
Our partner program will help you integrate your application with ours, allowing you to deliver an integrated payment and lending offering to your customers and save reinventing the wheel in the process.

Need a Developer?

IP Ventures provides you your own technology partner, giving you access to the latest in coding, designers, system architects and programmers with extensive industry experience.

Also the Company provides you the resources to fund your project fast making your business real in a snap.