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Commercial Lending

We provide an end-to-end commercial lending solution that goes well beyond being just a document preparation system. The platform is highly customisable and is built around an advanced engine that delivers efficiencies across business channels. With this end-to-end solution, lenders can establish their own lending standards, including operating procedures, conditions and limits, automating virtually every transaction and promoting consist processes. Lenders also can set compliance requirements and perform regulatory updates in bulk without duplicating tasks or keystrokes, which frees up valuable time and resources.

Consolidation of loan production and management across origination channels, departments and third parties gives a clearer picture of your financial position, operational performance and cross-selling opportunities

Disrupting the lending industry

Our commercial lending platform includes all the tools to integrate a complete lending and financing system into your business operations in a way not seen before.

With our apps, your business customers can make their request for finance quickly and easily, and our technology provides them with a real-time response to their application. There's no waiting for approval, manual credit decisioning or tedious paperwork as the platform automates these processes... That's practically unheard of up until now.

Users are prompted to simply follow the steps as the app guides them through the process. Once approved, the platform will handle all aspects of settlement, collections and recovery giving you the peace of mind that the finance side of the process has been handled automatically and securely.

Powered by ePremium

e-Premium is our state of the art lending solution - Powerful, automated, compliant.

Used by financiers, lenders, and financial institutions (funders) to acquire and manage commercial loans across a diverse range of asset classes and portfolios, ePremium handles the entire process - origination, assessment, aquisition and compliance.

Specifically, e-Premium provides low-cost end-to-end fintech payment processing facility which disrupts the complexity of financial management by automating end-to-end loan acquisition, processing, and document management, while strictly complying with the required legislation for the industry.

Unique solutions for your organisation

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