Complete end-to-end financial platform solution


e-Premium is our state of the art lending solution - Powerful, automated, compliant.

Used by financiers, lenders, and financial institutions (funders) to acquire and manage both commercial and consumer loans across a diverse range of asset classes and portfolios, ePremium handles the entire process - origination, assessment, aquisition and compliance.

Specifically, e-Premium provides low-cost end-to-end fintech payment processing facility which disrupts the complexity of financial management by automating end-to-end loan acquisition, processing, and document management, while strictly complying with the required legislation for the industry.

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ePremium isn't just a database. It's not just a CRM. It doesn't try to solve a single problem, but rather provides a complete end-to-end solution for your financial management.

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Unique solutions for your organisation

True multi-language support

Building apps that are world class mean you also have to operate anywhere in the world, in any language. Traditionally, to support a multilingual app or website would involve a nearly identical version of your markup or copy for each country you wish to operate in, taking up unnecessary time and resources.

At IP Ventures, we have approached the problem differently, building a dynamic multilingual system for all solutions we provide.

In real time, our applications deliver a unique experience to any users in any language you choose to deploy. This is not just a traditional “cosmetic” approach to the problem, rather each label, sentence, drop-down content and system message is localised for the user at the press of a button. The translation service behind the scenes updates the translated content of our applications in real-time. This allows important legal information, product lists and descriptions, and interface labels to remain consistent throughout our apps, and allows users to select their interface language individually at any time giving a true feeling of local service, wherever they are.

Language solutions out of the box.

Powerful features for modern business


The ability to manage your marketing campaigns and communication messages using the CRM capability of our platform enables you to constantly keep on top of your essential history. When using our ePremium, all discussions and messages to customers, suppliers, merchants, funders, and call centre and collections staff are captured, tracked, reported, and audit-able at any time.


Business analytics helps your organisation recognise subtle trends and patterns so you can anticipate and shape events, and improve outcomes. Not only can you drive more top-line growth and control costs in your portfolios, you can also identify risks that could derail your plans – thus allowing you to take timely corrective action.


The aim of originating loans is to provide a conditional approval to the customer in the shortest possible time whilst providing an intuitive customer borrowing experience. This needs to be achieved whether origination takes place via desktop, browser, mobile, or tablet.


The key to all successful lending ventures is to maximise the collection of funds deployed. ePremium simplifies the process for collections staff, thus increasing the performance of the portfolio. Put simply, our platform does this by driving everything from one centralised point.


Once loans are originated on our platform, the complex day-to-day task of processing payments and handling returns are automated to improve your workflow. Our system simplifies the process for customer repayments, collections, and settlements by introducers and merchants thereby automatically removing the time and potential for error involved in payment processing.


The ePremium platform offers a holistic approach to fraud and risk management with features that are seamlessly integrated into our core processing and operations. This enables you to stay ahead of emerging trends, to effectively manage risk, and to detect and reduce fraud.

Complete end-to-end solution

The premise behind an end-to-end fintech platform is one which will handle all functions of the finance process, including:

  • Creation of various finance products, such as principle and interest loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Origination and acquisition of loans
  • Settlement of loans (from and to all parties, including the funder, borrower, merchant, etc.)
  • Payment processing, including handling default payments
  • Arrears management
  • Maintenance of borrower details, editing payment dates and amounts, statement generation, etc.
  • Customer relationship management

e-Premium handles all the above in a single, flexible platform.


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