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The eWallet App operates as a full-service issuing and acquiring payment network which delivers a complete range of advanced mobile-enabled eWallets and integrated debit cards. eWallet handles a multitude of functions out of the box - such as Bill Payment, Credit Solutions, Mobile Top-Ups and Money Transfers - providing a turn-key solution to customer funds management.

Users can feel confident that their information is being handled securely, while being provided the convenience of instant funds management from their device wherever they are in the world. Whether they need to send money home to their family in England, or reload their phone's account in Mexico, the transaction is handled rapidly and with the same level of security you would expect to find in a bank.

There's a wide range of possibilities an eWallet opens up for your business. Discover some of them today.

Let your customers manage their finances conveniently and securely

Managing Bills without the hassle

We've made domestic and international bill payment an affordable and ultra convenient reality for our consumers.

eWallet users can make essential monthly bill payments for themselves or their loved ones abroad from the convenience of their mobile phone or personal computer. With our advanced multilingual Apps, handling multiple billers from multiple regions is a breeze.

eWallet can be configured to connect to relevant service providers around the globe, depending on your Customers location and needs.

Credit and Lending Solutions

Utilizing technologies and proprietary underwriting developed from programs that have financed over USD$1.0 Billion, eWallet can reach markets that have to date been largely excluded from affordable credit options.

eWallet offers a complete “Credit-In-A-Box” solution that includes the necessary compliant documentation, reporting and even receivables financing. Our full range of credit solutions can be tailored to support any market segment and our standard programs offer immediate opportunities to provide practical affordable credit solutions including:

  • Micro Lines of Credit- for any consumer with a recurring payroll or deposit capability
  • Mid & Long Term Installment Programs-Working directly with employers and program promotors to support any type of installment credit offering.


The costs of international remittance and overall consumer convenience have not kept pace with technology. Most consumers still spend hours in line at retail counters arranging for small transfers with big charges. We deliver an ultra low cost, flat rate remittance system that can be accessed by consumers through their App any time.


With our range of API connections, we can offer the largest worldwide mobile top-up capability at the most favorable rates available in the industry today. These services are available as an integrated feature of the eWallet so customers can recharge their phones or the mobile phones of a loved one abroad.


eWallet carefully tracks all transactions for future reference, and provides users with a clear and concise reporting system so you'll never lose track of where your funds are going. Previous transactions can be easily repeated with the click of a button if necessary.


Physical debit cards can be ordered so customers can take full advantage of their purchasing power at any participating retail, ATM or online point of sale. Leveraging the extensive network capabilities of our banking partners, it provides an efficient payment facility to consumers and business alike.

Powered by ePremium

e-Premium is our state of the art lending solution - Powerful, automated, compliant.

Used by financiers, lenders, and financial institutions (funders) to acquire and manage both commercial and consumer loans across a diverse range of asset classes and portfolios, ePremium handles the entire process - origination, assessment, aquisition and compliance.

Specifically, e-Premium provides low-cost end-to-end fintech payment processing facility which disrupts the complexity of financial management by automating end-to-end loan acquisition, processing, and document management, while strictly complying with the required legislation for the industry.

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